No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee

The famous, all-male, international No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee. 

The Roster:
January - Sandy Greenberg
February - Andrew Joslyn
April - John Q. Adams
June - Chris Jones
July - Ryan Walsh
August - Shaun Abels
September - Giucy Giuce
October - Nick Ball
November - Scott Hansen
December - Joshua Helms
Floater - Chris Jones
Whip Holder - Andres Rosales

P.s. If you're a guy, and want in on some of this man-on-man quilt lovin', we've started a Facebook group called, Men Who Quilt. Come a knockin' and I'll gladly invite you in!


  1. These are wonderful!!! Looking forward to seeing them throughout the year.

  2. Both of the blocks lol great. I can't wait to see how they all look once they are together.

  3. Am I offended? Hmmm....no, no...pretty sure that's jealousy I'm feeling. ;) Seriously though, I think a men's quilting group is a great idea. I love these quilt blocks! I haven't quilted in a while and only did a couple of them then, but I want to get back into it...think I'll follow for inspiration! :)

  4. Will you be doing this again? I have a 6 year old boy who loves to sew and combine fabric, I would love it if this was a yearly event that I could show him the pictures of to encourage him to continue to sew.
    He has helped me to make his library bag with a dinosaur on it and we are working on a quilt together too. This is truly the best idea ever, very Calvin and Hobbes. You all are an inspiration to my children, thanks!!!!