Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Stash #111 - Delusional David

Honeys, babes, dahlings! I just arrived back from California this morning on a cloud of pixie dust and  adrenaline. After only spending five days there, is it possible to be jet lagged now from the jet lag I experienced upon my arrival? The way my fuzzy head is feeling, I think so! Even though this was technically a work trip, I spent some quality time with quilty friends, and met some of the fabulous Glitterati at the Intrepid Thread on Friday. I'll tell you all about it next week after I've finished unpacking all of my fabric purchases. (There may or may not be a lot of them, depending on if Mr. Sparkles is reading this).

Today, I'm sharing with you a few David Butler surprises that have been lingering in my stash waiting for their grand debut! These are from Shaman, Vagabond, Empire, and World Tour. I knew eventually I'd have enough new odds and ends for them to hang out together in their own post. Gosh, I really need to just start cutting into these beauties, but I can't decide if David likes to play with himself, or with others? I'm hoping he likes to play with others, mmm hmmm!

I'm still completely smitten with that rust-coloured World Tour print. Anyone that has fabric with their initials as a motif has arrived to the party and is serving face like a god-damned diva! Tell me, you divine human beings out there, would you use fabric that had "MS" sprinkled throughout? How about "Glitterati" or other sparkly catch-phrases? Let's ponder this together! 

I want to give a special shout-out to Jack who I sat next to on the airplane. I felt like I was talking to my nineteen year old self, and I just wanted to share with him everything I've learned about life. If you're reading, you definitely left an impression, and I wish you nothing but the best on your journey! 

For the rest of the Glitterati, never forget to spread love wherever you are. You could be changing someone's life with the flick of a tray table, and you don't even know it. Love your neighbour as much as your fabric!

Friday, 30 January 2015

#NGAQB - A Year In Review

At the end of 2013, I had an inspiring idea to start a quilt bee featuring male quilters from around the world. I knew of a handful of other men who quilt, but was unsure if I could round up enough for an entire year. I put the call out on Instagram, and the response was a resounding yes! Featuring men from three continents, and three decades of quilting experience, the No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee was formed. The year proved so fruitful with the wide range of quilt blocks created, shared stories, and burgeoning friendships. It was so much more than I could have ever asked for in a quilt bee! I hope that this experiment helped show the quilt world that men can quilt, men will quilt, and men will blow the mother-effin' roof off! Here's a year in review of the blocks I created for the #NGAQB!

I had the pleasure of being December Queen Bee, and I chose the hashtag block in an effort to get my fellow bee-mates involved in the Sewing For Sydney campaign. I think you already know how that one is turning out! Will there be a round two? Quite possibly! We are still letting the dust settle, but watch this space for future details on how the next instalment will take shape. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Homespun Magazine Feature

Well this is all a bit exciting, isn't it?! A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Homespun magazine to see if I wanted to participate in a feature they were writing about male crafters. Well, hell to the yessss, did I ever! So I donned my feathered fedora and went about answering quite a lengthy set of questions. Well, the result turned up in my post box this week, as part of their January 2015, Issue Number 140.

Grandma's dresdens may have made the cover, but slide those eyes down a bit--ooh! Not too much, darling! That's where you'll see me and the other guys featured (including my NGAQB bro, John "Quilt Dad" Adams!) made a cover headline as, "Interviews with creative kings"! Well, I'll gladly take that compliment, swish it around and knock it back. I always knew I was a queen, but now a king too, mmmhmmm! Snap!

I'm sure there's lots of lovely stuff in the magazine, but really, page 76 is where you should start! The article starts with my love of champagne, features some guest spots by Mariah, Kylie and Madonna, and wraps up with a mention of the Glitterati. I mean, we really covered all the bases! I hope you find a copy at your news stand and drink it up!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Stash #110 - I'm Sorry, and Special Travel Announcement

Oh, heaven's to Betsi! Dear Glitterati, you know I'm not the type to sit around and apologise or make excuses, but I'm afraid I have to give you a big fat "I'm sorry!" I have so many things happening around me that I'm struggling to find the time to connect with you here through my blog. I thought I'd have more time this week to remedy this, but as you'll see from the special travel announcement at the end of this post, that ain't gonna happen!

When I started the #SewingForSydney campaign, I was expecting to make two quilts, and that has easily transformed into eleven (maybe twelve). That means I've squared up over 2,100 blocks you've sent, coordinated nearly a hundred volunteers to make the quilts, and budgeted their creation with more than the $1,100.00 you've donated. If I'm drinking my truth tea with a long swirly straw, it's a helluva lot more work than I ever imagined! 

So please forgive me that I'm not here as much as I want to be. Trust that I have so much to share with you though; (magazines, finished quilts, new projects, more fabric, patterns, quilt bees, giveaways, bundles ... it's all still happening behind the scenes!) it's just getting the time to give them the dedicated attention they deserve. So please be patient with me while the #SewingForSydney journey continues, and I'll squeeze in as much in between the madness that I can.

So that leads me to this week's Sunday Stash. Seriously, I've been holding all these since last year's Black Friday sale at Intrepid Thread, and really, I've just got to let it go. It's time for you to see them all; time for me to lay them all out before you! I was going to kind of tease some of them out so I didn't look like a total fabric whore, but well ...

... I've been called away on a work trip to Cupertino, California, leaving this Monday for a week! Well, you know what that means? I will definitely be heading to Intrepid Thread for some fabric R&R! Not to make a big giant deal about it, but if you're in the area next Friday, January 30, I better see you there! I'll only be signing autographs from 11:28 - 11:57, but it will be the best twenty-nine minutes of your life. Seriously, I'll be hanging out with the Intrepid Thread team all day on Friday until about 3pm, and I'd love to meet you, and help you buy some fabric. Come on, you know you want to shop with me, because I want to shop with YOU!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday Stash #109 - Support for Sewing For Sydney

For this week's Sunday Stash, I want to feature some of the amazing donations that have arrived in support of the Sewing for Sydney campaign. The generosity from the Glitterati has been overwhelming! Since tomorrow is technically the deadline to receive hashtag blocks, I'll shortly be doing a recap on where the project stands. (I still don't even believe all of the stats!) Until then, enjoy these gorgeous fabric gifts, and make sure you support those who gave them.

The Remnant Warehouse (my LQS) gave over 12 metres of wide back material to use for quilt backings. Whoa! This has saved lots of time, and these dots are playfully suited for the back of these multi-coloured quilts.

Danielle (IG: beautifulhandmade) sent these great binding selections over from Perth. Yes, that is Liberty, and it is going to feel so luxurious! There may be a fight over this one! Plus that's some Japanese Yuwa so these quilts will truly be international.

Kim from Kim Bradley Creations asked what I needed and immediately said, "No problem, it'll be there tomorrow." Not only did she donate these gorgeous fabrics for binding (hello, Cotton and Steel), but also donated batting for three quilts and has offered more. Generous, much?

Oh, and let's not forget Emily (IG: handmadebyemily) who sent over metres of Kona for backing and binding. She asked what colour I thought would suit, and I said, "Go bold, or go home." Well, she didn't shy away from that, now did she?! That purple is completely royal, and will definitely make a statement!

I can't even wait to share with you all of the other details, because you won't even believe how fabulous you are! I'll just tell you now, we're making more than nine quilts!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Quilt Baggage

I've silently been watching the countless FAL lists popping up all over blogland, and it's got me really excited about finishing my own projects. I never sign up for the FAL because I like to keep it loose, and meander my way along a quilting journey. Plus, I don't tend to carry a lot of quilt baggage (that is unless I'm shopping in the US!), but looking around I do have a few carry-on items. Here's what I've got confirmed.

These past few weeks, I've had two quilts being quilted by Gemma of Pretty Bobbins. Mood Ring (above) and Echo (below) are being sent back to me tomorrow! That means I'll be able to get my binding on just in time for 50 Shades of Grey. Do you think the cinema will let me bind my quilts while watching a movie about binding?

I am practically, and by that I mean, like a border away, from finishing my brother's t-shirt quilt top. For those new around here, and I can say this with confidence, this quilt is probably the best t-shirt quilt you've ever seen. I also just sourced some backing fabric today. Game. Set. Match.

I'll be one flew over the cuckoo's nest after all these Shimmer feathers are finished for a queen size of AMH's infamous pattern. I've got seven blocks done, but all pieces are cut and ready for some stitchin. This one has an April deadline, so yeah, priority.

We've talked about this before, and I just need to get the seam ripper out and start again. I know it. You know it. Kate Spain knows it. Just do it already. Note to self, never buy Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in Denim; it doesn't suit your skin tone.

There are a few loose items to make as well, such as cushions for our neighbour, a red keyboard mat for my desk, possibly a mini-Mickey quilt, and a sophisticated table runner. That last one will probably be the biggest challenge of all!

It looks like I'm gonna be charged an excess baggage allowance after all!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Stash #108 - Take It Back

Mr. Ikea Stenstorpp, we need to talk. I really liked you, and thought we had something wonderful together. Apparently, not. You went and got all bent out of shape, and it felt like you were using me, more than I was using you! I even tried to trade you in for your twin brother. He showed up with a soft screw, and no matter how much I twisted it, there was no getting it up. So consider this relationship with both of you over, red rover. Now I need to find me a real work station, one that will satisfy my needs!

Glitterati, if you've got any sturdy tips, or out of the box thinkings, please share them in the comments! I'm thinking I'll have to check out the hardware store to get a real man work station! You'll also notice in the photo, that bad boy in the corner that's becoming a little less camera shy. Someday he'll dust himself off and come out of his box.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Brilliant Love

You've probably heard about the devastating news unfolding in Paris. My heart breaks as soon as it starts to mend, as our own city recently survived such similar tragedy. When there is so much unstoppable destruction in the world, why do we continue to hurt each other by our own hands? Each act of continued violence around the world becomes more incomprehensible to me. But you know what? I refuse to be afraid--filled with terror--no, my response is to shine with more brilliant love than ever before! Glitterati, I implore you: Put love into our world. Make it big, and make it known! 

I spent part of the day telling my office co-workers all about the #SewingForSydney campaign. They were so supportive! I'm making hash tag quilts, but if all you've got is a big toothy grin for the guy sitting opposite you on the bus ride to work, well you make it count! That smile might just change his whole day, and in effect, his whole life. Mmmkay?! We are the world; it starts with us! I know this all sounds cliched and idealistic, but I'd much rather live in that world, than the one unfolding before us.

Here's the latest from my sewing studio! Look how much that card wall is growing! I haven't even got them all on the wall yet--I can't keep up! The bad news about this photo is that my Ikea wooden bench top right there in the middle is warping. Ugh. But the good news is that Ikea is delivering a replacement on Saturday. Woo! (Thanks in advance to the incredible Mr. Sparkles for disassembling this one and assembling the new one. He's a gem.)

I also thought you might want to see how I'm organising all the quilts being made for #SewingForSydney. I have created project spreadsheets for each quilt; this is the Red Team. See, there you are, Glitterati, right at the very beginning! You have the special honour of being picked for all the teams--duh! The illustrious Wendy Wild (<--that name, killer!) is currently assembling your blocks into a quilt top. Then backing fabric and batting donated by Emma Jean Jansen and Robyn Feenestra, respectively, will be sent to Kay White for quilting. Once that is all sorted, Ms. Monique  will bind, and we put an embroidered label on from Connie Goldfinch. Simple, right? On paper anyway!

I still have spots available for Assembly and Binding Teams (potentially a few long arm spots, depending on how many more blocks roll in). If you're interested, make sure you send me an email so I can put your name on my list! So this is the latest, and probably greatest thing I've ever attempted to do. And I thought being on tv was a big deal. Eat your heart out Karl. :::wink:::