Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Stash #72 - Personal Shopping with Molli Sparkles

Last week I received an Instagram (molli_sparkles) message from my friend Serena (sewgiving). Her husband was on a business trip to Sydney, and she came to me asking for advice on where she should send him to go shopping for her. Bless. You see, she's on the other side of the country in Perth, the remotest, capital city in the world. Sourcing fabric can be a tad difficult. Plus, even when she orders it from overseas, it has to travel a bazillion miles to get to her. True story: I once sent a package to London and Perth on the same day, and the one going to London got there first!

I recommended The Remnant Warehouse, as it would be a pretty easy trek for her husband from the city. "I’m trying to build up some fabric for my Gypsy wife quilt. I'm thinking jewel colours, velvety rich tones, grapes, eggplants, sea greens, sapphire blues, deep, rich, and vibrant – poor guy would be out of his depth in such a big place. I suddenly feel cruel!" Well, of course, I was heading to The Remnant Warehouse, and told her I would happily make a bundle for her! 

It was a world of joy walking through the shop pulling bolts here and there. What I settled on was some Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink, and Sandy Gervais that I think compliment each other beautifully. I thought about just taking the fabric and running, but well, Serena seems like the type of person that would track me down for her fabric! If anyone else wants to engage in some Personal Shopping with Molli Sparkles, I'm open for business!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Stash #71 - Kimono

I have been hiding these stash additions away from myself for weeks now. Does anyone else play hide and seek with their fabrics? I have been very afraid if they were in plain view, I would want to start using them immediately! Which, now that I'm finally doing it, I gots to tells you, is true! Other projects? What other projects? 

It's taking every inch of will power not to start cutting them into triangles and jump on the Sassy Quilter's Triangle Quilt Along. Excuse me while I go grab my rotary cutter--wait, hold, steady...focus! Focus? Yeah, focus on my triangle ruler!

But where did all this floral-masculine-geometric-madness come from? Well, a good friend of mine was visiting Byron Bay and somehow stumbled into a kimono shop. As you do. I'm not sure what he was actually looking for, but he left with a scrap bag full of kimono fabrics for me! I had never thought about using them as source material before, but now I think it's kind of genius.

They look pretty wild together, all those patterned blues, whites and greys, with highlights of khaki. Throw in a few solid triangles and I think we've got a winner! So now you know, if you find yourself outside a kimono shop, there might just be some fabric finds inside! Inspiration is everywhere.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Photography Friday - Holga Diptychs

Hurry up fabric--get here already! Soon to be delivered packages will allow me to finish up the tops for ShudderD! and a surprise quilt I haven't shared a peep about. Oh wait, oops. Trust that it is going to be a thousand shades of fabulous! I'm also meeting up with Quilt Jane this month to try to verbalise my epic, quilting plans for No Value Does Not Equal Free. Oh, and then there's the secret sewing, and then finally I'll get back to The Colour Drain. If I was werkin' any harder, I'd be puttin' holes in that catwalk, mmm kay!

Let me show you some photos to tide you over. These were all taken with my Holga, you know, like, with real film. Remember that? This is Instagram before Instagram even knew it was Instagram: #holga #nofilter #vintagelife #lightleaks #therealinstagram

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Scraping, The Colour Drain, & A Winner!

Has this been a week, or what!? Are you feelin' me? Like, how about yesterday when the whole quilt blogging community rose up to squash a scraping website? First, thank you to the Bitchy Stitcher for alerting everyone! Sparkly thanks to all of you for your comments on yesterday's post, your actions against the offending website, and for making our community a kick-ass force to be reckoned with. (Those million moms got nothin' on us!) We have been triumphant, as that completely lacklustre website has since been pulled down. Now that's how you werk!

Next, I was so honoured to guest post for Le Challenge, and the unbelievably kind words so many of you had to say about my little story. (Which, as some have asked, was completely true!) I had pulled an inspiration bundle, and then sometime at around 3am--does that happen to you, too?--realised I still had 145 HST units left over from my A Lot of Look quilt. Um, hello, they fit the bill perfectly. No need to holla for a dolla!

This 24" square is just one small portion of this new quilt idea (thanks for the "lock it in" support on IG), so it will not be done in time for Le Challenge. However, I'll endeavour to have the design drawn up to share for the Le Challenge linkup. Working title: The Colour Drain.

Oh, and we've got an Intrepid Thread $30 Gift Card giveaway winner to announce, don't we? Thank you for all the "Likes" on my Facebook page! Now I can spread sparkles of glitter to you everywhere! There can only be one winner though... eeeek, and that is: GranChris from AbbeyLaneQuilts! Sparklelations! I'll be in touch!

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Quilters are awesome. But don't mess with us.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rise Up & Bring 'Em Down

Oh no, no, no no no. Do not even mess with a quilter. We will cut you, and we have the tools ready at hand to do so. Megan over at The Bitchy Stitcher has brought to light a troll blog amongst us! The powers that be over at Quilt Patterns Pro (:::shady stare:::) are stealing blog content from quilty RSS feeds from all around the net and posting it on their own site. They've failed to link back to the original blogger's post, instead implying it is original content from their own site. Oh, but they have managed to pepper Google ads around the posts, which is an obvious, quick grab for cash. 

Exsqueeze me? None of my content has been plagiarised yet, but I see many bloggers I recognise, and many of you that have linked up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles. Make sure to use their search box to see if you're being blog-jacked! I've just left a post on this page of their website to notify them of what a dicky move they've made (you should do the same). You can also contact their domain provider, Go Daddy, if you've been directly affected. Okay, Glitterati, it's time to join forces. Let's do this! 

- Original Post

- Lying, Stealing Website

- My comment to Quilt Patterns Pro

- Take it further

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Stash #70 - Rookie Mistake

Just when you think you've got everything figured out, the fabric gods come down and slap you in the face with a pile of wet, pre-cut strings. That's what happened with a Craftsy order I placed late, last year--in a frantic rush--during one of their flash sales. You see, I was minding my own business, when I got an email stating they had a ridiculous 137% off on Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot. I had been shopping around for Mirror Ball Dots in Snow anyway to back my No Value Does Not Equal Free quilt. So I immediately bought five yards; enough for the back and a bit extra for later.

However, when it showed up as part of the Magic Suitcase, it looked like this:

Wha? Wha? Why are they individually sealed? Where is the continuous yardage for my quilt back? Craftsy, what are you doing to me?! I must get customer service on the phone immediately. I reinvestigated my invoice, about to make the call, when I discovered the fabric was line listed as "Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot 1 yd Cuts, Quantity 5." One. yard. cuts. That language, the fine print that was before my eyes the entire time. How had I been so blind? I didn't even know fabric was sold like this. So I warn all of you now, watch out for this "1 yd cut" business, as it could foil your best laid plans!

Did it foil mine? Puhlease. Even despite one of the 1 yd cuts of fabric having two holes, a stain, and dots that were curved beyond usage, I managed to merge the other four pieces together seamlessly. I've been posting progress over on Instagram (molli_sparkles) so you make sure you check that out.

You know what else you gotta check out? My Intrepid Thread $30 Gift Card Giveaway! It ends this Wednesday (AEST), and do you know what definitely happens if you don't enter? You don't win. Mmm hmmm!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Photography Friday - Le Challenge

Hey lovelies! I've got about six projects on the go at the moment, which is why I haven't had a full Friday finish in a while. Hopefully soon I'll be able to just present them all to you and be like, "bitches, say wha?!" Until then, I'll fill your feeds with Photography Fridays, and hope you forgive me. 

A few weeks back, Lucy from Charm About You asked me if I'd write an inspiration article for the latest Le Challenge theme, BRIGHT. Completely honoured and flabbergasted that they'd want me to contribute, I said, "Why, yes, of course, I thought you'd never ask?!" "But I did just ask." "Well you didn't ask last month." "Well the theme wasn't bright last month." "But isn't the theme bright, every month?" "No." "Well, it should be. Think about it. You'll see I'm right." Yeah, Lucy didn't call back. 

Anywho, I sent her my little anecdotal article anyway, and well heaven's to Betsi she decided to use it. Praise J. Lo, Hail Madonna, and Donny Hathaway be thy name. If you'd like to see what I had to say about this month's theme, go check out Le Challenge, play along, or leave your own inspiration in the comments!

I need another project like Madonna needs another African baby, but this high volume bundle is screamin' my name. What to do what to do what to do?

Le Challenge

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

D! - What Big Ears You Have + Giveaway

Hello, Ms. Thang! You are looking especially foxy! Have you done something with your hair? I thought so. Me? Well, I am up to my eyeballs in blue, two-inch squares. Last week I had a big case of blue balls, but this week I most definitely have a touch of frost bite on all my extremities! My oh my, these stars all seem to weep (LR!). Thankfully, and I can say this with the utmost satisfaction and relief, the teeny-tiny piecing is complete. I've now just got big bits of the D! to sew together, which would have been done in like two minutes, except I got a headache and ran out of Kona White!

Serendipitously, Julie over at Intrepid Thread decided to hold an April Fool's Day sale (no joke!) with 20% off everything. My envelope is going to be stuffed full of white material for the D! You know I put a few other things in there, too! Oops!

To help me celebrate my impending delivery, let's have a GIVEAWAY! This past week, I started my own Facebook page (it was about damn time!) So why don't you go hit my Like button, then leave a comment here telling me you did so, and you're in the drawing to win a $30 Gift Card to Intrepid Thread. This is of course open to all visitors, and I'll draw a winner next Wednesday. Good luck!

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I hope you like me.